Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Delurking Day

Each year the blogosphere bands together and declares a Delurking Day. What is this you may ask?

Does that answer you’re question? Yes, I am asking you to flash me.

Actually, it’s a call for all you quiet folks out there to leave a comment, even if it is just to say “Hi!” The thought of random folks flashing me sounded a lot more funny, huh?

So, what compelling question should I ask of you dear readers? I could ask something about politics, but my forehead can’t take anymore politically motivated banging against a brick wall.  I could ask you about the worst piece of parenting advice you were given, but then I would probably get all irritated because it would describe a typical day of parenting around Chez Meiners.

However, besides, “have as many kids as you can as quickly as you can before your uterus is exhausted,” I haven’t really gotten a lot of marriage advice. So, in honor of Delurking Day, I want to hear the best piece of marriage advice you have filed away in your brain. It could be something you learned from your parents, grandparents, a random homeless guy with a golden voice, or something you do in your own marriage. Lay it on me!