Five-Minute Freezer Upgrades

While I love to cook (and love to eat), I also love spending a relaxing evening with those who I care enough about to feed. Around my house that means having about two-three frozen entrees waiting to go in case by the time my evening rolls around fruits and vegetables aren’t the highest thing on my list that I want to chop-up.

As someone who also enjoys actually being able to enjoy what’s on my dinner place, pulling something straight from the freezer to the dinner table with a little bit of heating isn’t appealing either. My compromise? Frozen dinner upgrades. Yes, they might add a couple of steps to prep, but the ultimate time savings is well worth the taste a hybrid-homemade dinner yields.

Here are my two of my personal favorite staple freezer upgrades that make for great, quick weeknight dinners (minimal chopping required)… Continue reading