Dog Food & Gratitude

Also, this happened. I guess at least I'm still technically keeping her off the pole...

There are many things in my life I am grateful for. At this moment it is that the ladies from Lipstick and Laundry weren’t here with their cameras rolling when my child ripped her pants off like a Chippendale, and then crammed a fist full of dog food into her mouth. The fact that she looks genuinely shocked when I tell her not to eat dog food has me not just a little worried.

The previously mentioned camera crew *will* be here in about an hour however to document the tumble weeds of dog hair that Boogie has not eaten (they are few and far between, but they exist), and if they are lucky they may even get a nice shot of Boogie passionately tounging her favorite outlet on the wall.

I should probably put away all of the clues as to how bad of a mother I really am (hide all yer remotez and shock collarz), toss around a few kid friendly CD’s and throw a wad of cookie dough in the oven to char while they are here. Instead, at this moment, I may or may not be considering throwing all of our dirty dishes and laundry in the trash can.

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Currently Craving: My Bedroom Inspirations & Aspirations

Here at Chez Meiners Part Deux there is a pecking order. First comes Boogie and then all others can follow suit should they be so inclined. If they aren’t inclined to take second place to her she suggests they find somewhere else to stay.

And yes, she is talking directly to you Sasha dog, but you have to leave those delicious dog toys she has been finding and licking all the germs off. That was hard work and she didn’t spend all that time doing it for nothing.

However, this also means that her parents (formerly known by their first names) take a backseat, especially when it comes to the spending of the dollaz in the storz.

All that wonderful nesting energy that I had made for a very pulled together and satisfying home at Chez Meiners Uno, so this poor house has a lot of catching up to do and very little extra time to do it in.

The nursery is about 90% finished, so I am pulling together some ideas for the master bedroom. I decided I wanted a lot of textures and a lot of neutrals to fill the space, clean and curvy lines, and layers of fabrics that feel rich and invite you to cozy up. Here are some of the things I am craving for our master bedroom:

I have already purchased a few of the items from the collection above thanks to the awesome discounts and my friends who got me all hooked up with credits by singing up and buying from thefoundary! I heart you guys!

Right now I am just waiting for the postman to deliver my prizes (yes, I consider everything I buy post-baby my prizes for doing such a great job growing people), and the perfect weekend to try out Centsational Girl Kate’s headboard project.

I will share with you the before and after of the big kid bedroom I am building wherein I have nicer furniture than the baby… you know should I actually conquer my mom guilt enough to get everything together.

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