It’s Christmas Time At Chez Meiners

There is something about a baby jailbreaking my uterus and subsequently purchasing my first house that has me feeling especially domestic this holiday season.

I have always loved decorating for the holidays though. Christmas is the one season I actually allow myself to buy items for the house that I know will be stored for more months than they are on display. I haven’t quite hit the point of domesticity where I tear through the house like a Martha Stuart tornado seasonally, however my recent obsession with decorating blogs and the Nate Berkus Show may indicate I am scary close to that point. But everyone gets a little Martha-like during the holidays, so this technically can be expunged from my suburban mom rap sheet.

So, Christmas in the condo the past couple of years looked like this:

Note the teeny-tiny tree. Not quite Charlie Brown small, but to get it to even reach that height we used a table.
Also note the stockings hanging on the stairs, above the TV that we converted to a fireplace via a dollar store DVD... that also features a fish tank.

Maybe part of the reason I am a little more juiced about Christmas this year is the fact that we have a tree that is the right size for people who aren’t featured on a TLC reality show. And, sound the trumpets, we have an actual fireplace that when set ablaze doesn’t smell like burning plastic and sadness. It’s almost like we are really real grownups:

Exhibit A: Christmas Tree we actually needed to use a chair to top.
Exhibit B: A real life mantle for which we had to purchase hangers... and this year featuring the addition of Boogie's stocking!

I bought the hurricane vase and the little urn on the mantle for 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby while picking up the goods to make a wreath, inspired by Centsational Girl’s winter white willow wreath how-to… with which I struggled for a few days, but was able to salvage with some semblance of merriness. I could totally say I was going for a rustic look, but let’s be honest, I winged it at the craft store and this is what I came up with:

Of Note: I *did* have some tiny pine cones and ornaments on it, but that looked totally phallic and i just couldn't do that to my new neighbors... or the Mister for that matter.

I have to say though, for my first attempt at riffing a DIY project I saw online it was kind of a success: I didn’t set anything on fire, we are only left with a minor stain in the driveway, and it only took me eight days to do what should have taken two hours to complete. That, my friend, is a stinkin’ crafting success.

Plus, I can officially cross two items off in week one of The Homey Goodness Challenge on Crazy Domestic, which I decided to participate in because  managing a house, having a seven-month-old, and owning my own business isn’t time consuming enough I like to torture myself. This week for the challenge: apples and paint! Watch out Chez Meiners, you’re in for a few more dings.