I bet you thought you were rid of me, eh, internet?

Achoo! It’s a little dusty in here but I’ve come prepared. I’m dusting off the ol’ blog and that means…well, see the beginning of the sentence.

It has been a few years but now the true heirs to the iTunes and art supplies stockpile in the spare bedroom are officially people of the world. One day they will be the keepers of an unholy amount of Sharpies, adhesives, and 90s hip-hop with which they can either win or lose the zombie-apocalypse. The choice is theirs. For now it is all mine, though. While I sit in my empire of felt and pony beads, they are both out learning how to math and science things. I guess that gives me reason enough to pick back up the mantle and see where things go.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why can’t you just be like other people and fight with people on Facebook or make cute little lunch sculptures for Instagram?”

I have no answer to that, but I’m just warning y’all, this could will get ugly. You remember how things went last time, right?

But, here’s hoping you’ll have me back, anyway, friends.

Buckle Up,

Mrs SmartyPants