Five Years

Today is my five year wedding anniversary. The anniversary gift guides say this year is the “wood or silverware” anniversary. So, clearly, the romance is dead.

I could write a saccharine sweet blog post about how he’s a wonderful father and spouse. I could extoll the merits of his love for our family, or recount when we first met, fresh faced and ready to devour the world. I could reminisce about our firey courtship and how we were certain we could set the world on fire. Or I could talk about the stolen moments during our wedding when we snuck off to the stairwell to have a glass of champagne and just take a breath together.

I could post something overtly embarrassing on Facebook and tag myself in it, because no feeling is genuine unless and until you post it on Facebook with a little smiley face or heart.

Or I suppose I could buy him this:

I mean, come on, how does this say romance?
I mean, let’s be honest, how does this say romance more than it says I miss my parents’ 80’s flatware?

There are many things I could do. But ultimately, I am going to change out of yoga pants before he gets home, brush my teeth after finishing my coffee, and then schlep the kids to a family friendly restaurant. One where we won’t have to ask for our check when we order so we can escape quickly, and one where we will celebrate our first anniversary now that our family is complete.


It was very nice to meet you, Mister CosmosGirl,