Music Is Everywhere

Boogie has recently began singing. A lot. I can probably claim responsibility because I have written a special song for everything in this household. In fact, she may be convinced she is one of the VonTrapp children minus all of that really uncomfortable Nazi stuff and the pitch pipe (…oh how we need a pitch pipe).

Since she is also becoming increasingly enamored of electronics, a love that started some time ago with licking outlets and hanging on floor lamps, it is nearly impossible to capture her musical styling on video. Instead of beautiful baby music all you would see is an extreme closeup of her mouth and incessantly running nasal cavities, maybe a few teeth, and sea-sickness inducing panning and swooping view of our home as I avoid her desperately clawing, sticky, pudgy fingers.

But never fear, there is an exact rendering of her vocal prowess that can be found right here on the interwebz. You need only close your eyes, press play and be magically transported to Chez Meiners and Boogie’s skillz…it’s like living here without the poopy diaper smell or having your white sweater smeared with tomato sauce.

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