Babymania XXXVI-million

Me: Parties and doctors appointments are almost in the bag! I owned Boogies one-year-old birthday! I made Boogie’s first birthday my bitch! Grrrrrr! {ripping my shirt off and punching Vince McMahon in the face}

The Mister: I don’t know if you heard me ask it the other day, but what do you think about having another kid? They say two years separation is ideal.

Me: {Diamond Cutter}

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Devil Horns | Melody

2 thoughts on “Babymania XXXVI-million

  1. Five years. Maybe four. That’s my half-assed advice. 🙂

    Oh, and for the record, that was a pretty awesome birthday party. You owned it.

    1. I love your “wait until she can get her own juice box” rule, and have been leaning on that when I don’t have enough room to safely execute a cutter.

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