Desperately Seeking Hair Growth

I love my child and all her chubby little fingers and toes. However, I am becoming concerned about her baby-patterned baldness.

The problem is her hair is growing, just not on the top of her head.


She is now rocking a skullet, which, regardless of what a bevy of middle aged men might have convinced themselves, does not flatter anyone or even remotely conceal the fact that they are balding.

Even bows are starting to look a little awkward at this point because they highlight the thick hair that is coming in from approximately the top of her ears down and the serious lack thereof from the ears to her forehead.

Because we would rather not judge her, and we also tend to be the “go all the way or go home” types, the Mister and I are considering giving her a tiny paneled van, a Led Zepplin tee, a couple of Creed CDs, and then dropping her off in the middle of Jefferson County.

Devil Horns | Melody

3 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Hair Growth

  1. Great post although since I live in Jefferson county I would have to say St. Charles county might be better for dropping boogie off in her new get-up. πŸ™‚

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