What Happens in Nashvegas, Stays in Nashvegas… Unless You Blog

There ain’ t nothing like a blogging conference bahbay,
to get a bunch of mommas out going crahzay.

I started this post when I had just arrived home from Nashville where I attended the Blissdom blogging conference… I am finishing this post a few days later when I have had time to catch back up with life.

PS: I use the word “attended” loosely since this was the first, and what I fear may be the last, chance I had to take a nap, get a manicure, and get a massage while the sun is out for at least the next eighteen years.

This is what happens when four bloggy mommas pack into a VW, drive 85 m.p.h. down a highway for four hours, and cram themselves into a hotel room for three nights and four days.

I know. Jealousy is a cruel mistress (and thank you roomie Hannah for the pic!)

So what did I learn during my trip to Nashvegas for Blissdom?

1) MC Hammer has nothing on my most excellent rommie, Hannah. When she says it’s Hannah Time, she means it…

2) Two free drink tickets per blogger makes for a bunch of really cheap dates.

3) I know the song typically goes that you don’t want your babies to grow up to be cowboys. Whoever wrote that song never met an ag salesman. “Tractor Convention” is really a euphemism for “Horney Married Dude Gathering.”

As if that wasn’t earth shattering enough, I attended the amazing opening keynote by Brene Brown, whose entire speech was inspirational in a way that I am pretty sure will shape the way I look at both my business and motherhood. (What really got me was when she said, when someone asks something of you to, “Choose discomfort over resentment.”)

I also had a blast hearing all of the creative content ideas from Mrs. Flinger,  Amy Turn Sharp, and Jim from the Busy Dad Blog during the one writing session I was able to attend (and not just because, they pulled out the super-meme slide of awesomeness replete with rainbows, ninjas, and unicorns).

Next stop, hopefully Type A Parent in Asehville. Or dare I hope to afford the ticket price for BlogHer? With all the two free booze tickets every night, and me being a super cheap date, it totally pays for its self.

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14 thoughts on “What Happens in Nashvegas, Stays in Nashvegas… Unless You Blog

  1. Well done. I must say…I got a little nervous when I first saw the title. Oh dear…what will she write about? But alas, I believe you summed up the weekend perfectly. It was a very good time, wasn’t it? Love ya! 🙂

  2. I just want to offer one important point of clarification. Lisa was going 95. I was watching the odometer the entire time as I white knuckled the door handle because I wanted to know exactly how my obituary would read. She probably didn’t notice how fast she was driving because she was holding the GPS in front of her eyes the entire time. I think that drive took about 20 years off my life.

  3. I wasn’t driving that fast. Ok. Only when we were on open road. And I had both hands and eyes on the steering wheel. So that should count for something. (Now I’m feeling kind of guilty tho.)

    Yes. I’m glad certain things stayed in Nashvegas.

    1. Dude, seriously, we made it there and back in one piece and we didn’t kill each other because of your speedy transporting skills. There is something to be said for that, ya know.

  4. Yeah, Nick was overjoyed to hear that someone else has felt his pain and had to endure me barking orders from the back seat for five hours. In hindsight I did appreciate the speediness. It was just easier to take on the way down as I was sippin on some red headed sluts out of my pink leather monogrammed flask.

  5. heeeyyyy!!!

    yes, the pic you took of cha cha & i turned out great. thank you!

    your post was so fun to read. 4 in a VW…oh my! but sometimes that kind of stuff is what makes road trips more memorable.
    brene brown was AWESOME! i’m think i’ve thought about her opening session everyday since i returned from blissdom. from forgetting her spanxs, to who would move a body & everything inbetween.

    wished we could of visited more.
    have a super weekend.

    1. Yes! I am glad we had a chance to meet & will be have your awesome blog in my reader! Next conference we should definitely share a martini or three… depending on how many drink tickets they are handing out. 🙂

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