Well, You Don’t Have to Rub It In…

Today I turn the big 3-1. I remember when I was a little bit younger every birthday seemed like a momentous occasion, but 31… meh. It just means I have solidly landed midway through the target advertising demographic, and that I am way overdue canceling my account on Twenty Something Bloggers (not out of denial, mind you, just sheer laziness).

I haven’t quite reached the point in my life wherein I lie about my age, and I am beyond the point where celebrating my birthday at the ice skating rink has gone from kitschy to sad.

Thirty-one… it’s just a weird one.

Thanks to the magic of Facebook the day hasn’t gone unnoticed, and thanks to the conversation I had with the hubby a couple of weeks ago there was a card waiting for me on the counter when I came downstairs this morning.

Let me preface my sharing of the text of this card by telling you all that for many, many years my birthday presents have been given to me a month in advance in the form of a Christmas/Birthday present combo. I have grown accustomed to that, and so I am also completely cool with the fact that since I am leaving for Blissdom tomorrow I won’t be getting a present from Boogie and the Mister this year.

And now onto the card,

For My Wife

On your birthday I’d like to give you the world… but my heart will have to do.

Love, Boogie and the Mister

Of note: the only thing handprinted is the last line, i.e. the signature line.

As I mixed Boogie’s oatmeal and read this I couldn’t help wondering, hadn’t he already given me his heart, wasn’t that the point of all that wedding bru-haha? So, technically, does this card mean that he is regifting me for my birthday and Hallmark is officially endorsing it?

And as I navigated the spoon past upheld hands and clamped tight lips, I went on to ponder, although the card was very sweet, hadn’t we had already established I was not getting anything for my birthday this year?And did he really just give me a card that said, in a very sweet and passive way of course, that I’m not getting anything for my birthday this year?

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