How Mercury Glass Turns into Tarnished Silver

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A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a fairly simple mercury glass tutorial. I say simple because I am certain 9/10ths of the rest of the world could get it right the first time. Since the writer of said tutorial wasn’t there to hold the paintbrush in my hand or lead me through it a’la Patrick Swayze in Ghost,  I am not surprised the whole business would take a wrong turn before I even left the craft store. However, I am stubborn and had reached the limits of my Christmas decoration spending for the year.

After reading the Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments tutorial by Stephanie Lynn, I thought I have this schnitz locked down. I owned this tutorial, so much that without even trying it first I “knew” I could adapt it.  That’s what happens when people see a tutorial created by a talented person- said talented person makes it look easy-peasy, and said reader (ahem, me) gets cocky.

So, in owning faux mercury glass making, I decided I was going to make this:

Look like this:

but way awesomer.

However, that would require mad skillz, and something that was reflective and metallic to start with. Rather, we had someone with mediocre skills dangerously wielding paints in the hopes of it magically becoming reflective and metallic.

In my defense, the spray paint cap did have a mirror-like quality to it.

Instead it turned out looking like this:

Krylon and I would have had words, but the paint fumes kinda took the edge off my anger.

I followed the tutorial by stippling grey and black paint all over the business because I am nothing if not stubborn, and I ended up with this:

Which, kinda, if you squint your eyes and turn your head to the side, looks like really old, tarnished silver. I’m going with it. Yea… tarnished, really old silver. Not awkward at all when you think about it.

After Christmas I pilled ivy in it and left it on my mantle… dead center, just so people can ask the Mister which of his special friends made that for him. He can say, “my wife,” and then a lot of things will be forgiven, like when I talk with my mouth full all.the.damn.time. (C’mon, we all do it. I just happen to more often than it is considered polite because what I have to say waits for no food.)

The CraftyPants End.

4 thoughts on “How Mercury Glass Turns into Tarnished Silver

  1. Agreed…I do believe I complimented it…that night when Brent and I sat on your couch and watched TV…I mean babysat.
    I am way jealous of your craftiness I must say 🙂

    1. I still need to use those sunlight photo papers you gave me for my birthday! I was thinking about using them to do Boogie’s handprint and footprint on her first birthday 🙂

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