Thanks for the Memories 2010!

In terms of years and relative goodness to people, I have to say 2010 was as nice to me as a year wherein I grew and birthed a baby could be. When they make a movie of my life to use to cure insomnia or the like, they will have to make 2010 a montage and set it to “Little Wonder” by David Bowie because “Changes” would be too obvious of a choice. And anyway, I would insist on “Little Wonder” during the final edits and threaten to squash the project if they don’t use it. Then all the insomniacs would rebel, in a sleep deprived state but rebel no less, in the middle of the night because they are the only ones awake. Which would then make “Rebel, Rebel” an even better fit.

However, “Little Wonder” it is. And here is what you would see in the montage…


I turned 30, and contrary to what this picture may indicate, I was only about 6 months pregnant. Seriously.


And there were baby showers to be had.


Knowing that Sasha had a hard year ahead of her, we let her go aggravate other people and dogs for a while at a doggie bone hunt, oh and the Mister got some very dramatic knee surgery out of the way.


Photo removed because it was even less interesting than the previous three.
(I know, shocking. However we already determined the purpose of this movie, please reference above if you have fallen asleep already.)


And Boogie makes three… This is a face we would become very, very familiar with.

June through August

No matter what all the books and magazines lead you to believe, this is really what being a new mother looks like.


We took up residency at Chez Meiners Part Deux, and it was a good thing.


Boogie’s first halloween

November & December

Thanksgiving and Christmas – replete with lots of velvety dresses, food, and presents

I also had the awesome opportunity to visit Great Day St. Louis a few times to share green living tips (I’ll be back on February 2nd with Super Bowl party ideas), I became acquainted with the real-life Shelob, my little business that could ‘did,’ a whole slew of friends got married (and I attended one of my best friends’ weddings just six days after giving birth, which probably qualifies as both amazing and stupid). I also became a partner and lifestyles editor at

Montage over, fade to 2011.

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  1. 2010 was a lovely year for you, indeed. And I didn’t nod off once. In fact, I was quite alert the whole time. Well done! 🙂

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