Baby Shower Inspiration, Ahoy!

No, I do not have any personal news to share with you, and shame on your for thinking that. I am, however, excited to be welcoming two additions to the family via some other poor souls’ uteruses in the next year. And, I am additionally thrilled to be hosting or co-hosting baby showers for these fierce and lovely women.

In t-minus one week I will be hosting a shower at my house for my best friend, who will be having a bitty-baby boy in early spring. Using my favorite online inspiration clipper, Polyvore, here is a peek at what I have planned!

Cupcakes Take The Cake

Photo Baby Shower Invitations – Love Grows: Lightest Turquoise by Tiny…

The invitations have been sent, and I am in the midst of pom-pom making madness. They are turning out pretty cute, and I plan to use the same tissue to decoupage on the outside of candle holders to place on the table.

Instead of buying the soaps, I’ll be hunting down some duck candy molds, glycerine soap, soap dye, and baby powder scenting for the little duckies. The plan is to wrap them individually in cellophane and place them at each seat to add color to the table, while suspending the pom-poms overhead for a fun, festive look.

On the menu: I am making the hi-hat cupcake recipe I got from Stef at in exchange for a donation earlier this fall. I will have those puppies in my trusty cupcake stand, fear not. I will also be making chicken salad on croissants, a fruit salad, and a lettuce salad for lunch. And what shower would be complete without sugar-rimmed champagne glasses? I’ll be mixing the bubbly with blueberry juice to compliment the color scheme- yum!

4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Inspiration, Ahoy!

  1. Those poms are so cute! If I had had more time, they would’ve been used at the wedding. Once you figure out what works best with your hands (I made them totally different from those instructions, lol), they get done relatively quickly and are way fun!

    1. They turned our really, really cute! I used a dark blue and then a light blue that matched the invitations 🙂 They take a while though, so I can’t imagine doing enough for a whole wedding, either!

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