St. Louis Mom Fashion Haul FTW!

I was warned about the sleepless nights, the cracked nipples, and the fact that a minute to yourself is a hard thing to find. I wasn’t, however, warned about how hard it would be to shop for anything besides food and baby clothing after having a baby.

One of the most adorable Moms in St. Louis, Ria Sharon from, organized an epic evening of shopping and commiserating for six lucky St. Louis moms dotdotdash, a Clayton boutique that focuses on providing comfy, live-in clothing for busy moms. Just being around other moms and not having a choice but to walk out with some items for me made me realize a lot of things about myself. You can see the fun duds I scored and read about my eye opening experience over on my post at

Bonus! If you mention now through the end of October you will receive 15% off your purchase