It’s Been A Long Time Since I’ve Blogged On Here

Since birthing Baby Boogie we decided to do what any logical masochists would do, buy a house while adjusting to being parents. We really aren’t as crazy as we sound. With the housing market you would have thought selling a condo would take a while, we would put it on the market and wait… and wait, thereby giving us enough time to find a house we love.

Lo and behold, someone decided they would come along a mere three weeks later and buy the place pretty much for what we were asking. Commence Operation Picky House Shoppers.

We have looked at every house in the semiburbs surrounding our current abode. We may have baskets of baby books and toys littering the floors, but we do not live in the suburbs. Denial is the step that I am comfortable being stuck on at this juncture.

The strongest current contender for Chez Meiners Part Deux is located in the fabulous, and oh so glamorous, Webster Groves. I may have to move beyond denial, but then again with enough martinis I can’t even pronounce the word, let alone think about Egyptian geography.

I am glad I never created a list of must-haves in a man because if the house shopping experience has shown me anything it is that, when left to my own devices, I can construct the impossible and convince myself that it exists. I must humbly apologize to my realtor. To compound the problem, did I mention that I am married to a third-generation engineer? Anyone who has spent any time grocery shopping, let alone house shopping, with an engineer is chuckling and shaking their head knowingly right now. It’s like peeling apart the individual wood slivers that make up a toothpick. His mind never ceases to fascinate and confound me… and I would venture to guess that my realtor was past the point of the latter about 20 houses and four unsubmitted offers ago. However, I am confident that any house that does pass muster with The Mister probably will come with it’s own food rehydrator. Say it with me… Epic!

This is all part of the master plan. You know, the one where we pretend we know what we are doing as parents and Baby Boogie has a pegasus in the yard?

Gratuitous cuteness
Gratuitous cuteness

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  1. Oh man. I didn’t realize he was three generations in! My grandpa was an engineer and I couldn’t even pick peaches correctly according to him. 😉

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