Preparing for Baby Monkey Meiners (the literary edition)

There are a lot of things that have to be done before That Girl gets here. The least of which is building a breeder’s dream library, which by now probably has the Border’s checkout people thinking I am planning to start a compound of some sort. When Baby-Daddy learned Baby Monkey was on the way, we spent many nights wringing our hands over picking the perfect gangster name to match the ones we had already bestowed upon each other (me: Shorty-Bling, he: Big Pimpin’, she: Shorty-Pimpin’), and then he bought this book…

The tile of which didn’t really, fully piss me off until last night when, after scratching my belly like something that should be in the primate house for about ten minutes, I looked down and noticed that I can no longer see my toes without craning over. Let’s talk about what really sucks, Jeffrey Kimes, shall we?

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