ZOMG – I don’t have a costume!

Let there be no mistake, it is super-Halloween-fun-time this year. 2009 has truly been the year for vampires, werewolves and zombies in music, books, tv and movies. To cap off the year of the macabre we have Halloween falling on a Saturday and lasting an extra hour longer this year because of daylight savings time. It’s like October 31st is going to be sitting there right next to all the tiny witches, Spidermen, and ladybugs eating an entire pillowcase full of candy and running around in circles until it throws-up on itself Saturday night. In both the holiday and childrens’ defense, I wouldn’t doubt if there were a number of adults who will become reacquainted with their dinners as the clock strikes 1am, twice.

So there are technically only a couple of full shopping days left until you are relegated to dressing up as a gangster for the fifth year in a row. Not that you don’t look great in that flapper dress and the tommy-gun isn’t any worse for wear, but remember how much thought and excitement went into picking out the perfect costume for your class party when you were little? And remember how disappointed you were when your parents came home with a store-bought, Wonder Woman costume painted on a pair of cheap pajamas and that was probably inspired by the tuxedo t-shirt instead of the shiny blue, plastic bodice and red leather boots you thought they were getting you? Yeah – you do, don’t ya? You vowed then to never have a crappy Halloween costume again and, my friend, even though there are only a two days left, this is the best Halloween to start honoring that vow.

To help here are a few last minute costume ideas that I found while crawling the web, and that you can whip up in no time.  And I also added some recommendations on what to avoid for Halloween 2009:

Last Minute Costume Winner: Lego Block
It’s perfect and it’s simple – find a moving box (hint – they sell them pretty cheap at Lowe’s), spray paint it blue , red or yellow (you can also find that at Lowe’s). Glue on six shallow, plastic bowls (just about anywhere… except Lowe’s) and you are instantly everyone’s favorite toy.


Found on Craft Magazine’s Blog

Last Minute Costumer Sinner: Sexy (Insert Beloved Children’s Character Here)
While tacking the word “sexy” onto your costume title and wearing what essentially amounts to role-playing lingerie the other 364 days of the year is a worthy clutch maneuver, the Sexy Little Red Riding Hoods and Sexy Cinderellas are getting so overplayed that it probably won’t even score you a free drink this year. And those tiny dresses are so damned expensive. However – should you chose to go that route – more power to ya my sister – just don’t forget warm tights, it’s gonna be a cold one.

Last Minute Costume Winner: Circus Ringleader
Recent trends have probably left knee-high boots, button-up shirts,  and at least one jacket in your closet, no? Well, this Halloween costume came from The Coveted’s “Halloween in My Closet” series last year. All you need is white gloves, a black jacket, black knee-high boots, a white or red button-up shirt, a belt, a black tie, and a top-hat. Yea… the top-hat thing might be a little hard to find, but there are a few Party City stores around St. Louis that have them for $9.99 (you could even grab one of those cool little white carnation pins to complete the look while you are there).


Found on The Coveted

Last Minute Costume Sinner: Cat or Angel
For all that is good and mighty about Halloween, those headband cat and angel costumes are the equivalent of dropping out of high school a week before you graduate. You almost made it, but not quite – and everyone wants to kick your arse for being so lazy. If all you want to wear is a headband and a monotone outfit, at least make it Daphne instead? At least that would give people the sentimental warm fuzzies. And yes, this so-lazy-you-don’t-even-deserve-the-yucky-Necco-candy-costume rule applies to Devils and bunnies.

Last Minute Couples Costume Winner: Leila and Fry from Futurama
Getting together a last minute couples costume often ends badly – with one, or both, of you simply wearing clothing and other accoutrements that belongs to the other, or with some half-hearted headband costume that is – shock – opposites like an angel and a devil (see above). It doesn’t have to be this way. Ladies, grab a white tank-top and that pair of black leggings that you have been wondering what you will wear with since you bought them, and grab those old boots from last year or a pair of dark gray snow boots. Head to the hardware store and pick up some black and silver electrical tape, and then skip over to Walgreens and grab some purple hair spray and tinfoil to make the arm cuff if you don’t have it. And find, borrow or buy a small nerf gun (I don’t condone stealing). Guys, break out the Chucks, a red zippered sweater, a white t-shirt, and go with your partner in costume crime to grab some orange hairspray from Walgreens. Voila you are an Adult Swim favorite (next year why not plan ahead and be Frylock and Master Shake – eh?).


Found on Coolest Homemade Costumes

Last Minute Couples Costume Sinner: Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor
It is one of the more bizarre spectacles to behold every Halloween, but the most famous or shocking deaths of the year are immortalized every Halloween with a flood of costumes. Most recently it was Heath Ledger’s Joker, this year it is sure to be one of Michael Jackson’s many incarnations, and chances are good ole Liz or even crazy Toya will be on his arm. Stay.far.away. This may also apply to Patrick Swayze, Bea Arthur, and Farrah Fawcett. Although, if you wanted to roll in flour and go as Billy Mays…

Happy candy Boozing Boy and Girls!

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  1. I’m still frantically trying to think of a good costume – I might give the ringleader one a shot! Seems easy enough. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. With the flannel trend right now, being a lumberjack is really easy! Just wear your flannel shirt, white tee, jean shorts, boot, and make yourslef an ax out of foil!

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