Are You Saying My Pork Steak is Sick?!

Are they trying to take away my bits, strips, steaks and sammiches? I am so not a granola/vegg head, and will contend there isn’t much that slapping a fat old slice of pork on can’t do for a meal – be it if you are slapping it on a plate, salad or bread. There was a dark time, long ago when I was a vegetarian; I have now seen the error in my ways and have come around to professing that bacon, much like salt, just makes everything taste better. Now you’re saying my pork steak might have the flu? Well, not exactly. The Kansas City Business Journal is reporting

The flu that originated in Mexico is a genetic mixture of viruses seen in pigs, birds and people, according to the World Health Organization. It usually is transmitted through the respiratory tract in coughs and sneezes and not from contact with pigs or eating pork. 

While the state of Missouri is going into full “freak-the-crap-out” mode, stockpiling all the accoutrements to fight the good fight against the sickly oinkers, really the way to spread it is to make sure a pig doesn’t sneeze or cough on you? Really? I am pretty sure I can handle that. While I may have a cowboy hat in the nether-regions of my closet from back when Madonna made those infernal things popular to wear, I am fairly certain that even living in the state of Missouri I can avoid sneezing pigs.  This, however, begs the question of why it is hitting New York City so heavily. I had no idea that Manhattan had such a large mess of pigs. Damn, I really need to make it up there to visit sometime… 

No decent pandemic comes without fear mongering, but please don’t abandon your pork steaks just yet St. Louis. If you know what’s good for you just stay away from sneezing pigs… and my bacon.

3 thoughts on “Are You Saying My Pork Steak is Sick?!

  1. I read about this about 2 hours after having bbqed pork steak over the weekend. I have been waiting to die ever since.

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