Friday’s Words of Wisdom : On Being and Aunt

Dwight Wannabe has been writing these amazing letters all week.  In his words, “I’m no meme-maker, but if you’d like, I heartily encourage you to join me by posting an open letter or two of your own.”  I am joining him with this post!

Dear Divine Ms Em,

I am new at this aunt stuff, just like you are new at this person stuff.  I have to warn you now, sometimes I speak better than I write, and sometimes I write better than I speak.  After I found out you were joining this slightly askew circle we call family, I came up with a short list of things I needed to be a great Aunt: make sure I always have hand lotion and gum in my purse, and make sure that at an early age I pass along the things I have learned about shopping.

How could I have imagined the beautiful gifts you would bring to our family? Peace and laughter, phone calls reporting your latest talents, and an energy in all of us as we came back together to watch you giggle and pretend to read books. 

When you gulp the air with your tiny mouth as if you are reading your book to me while slapping the pages with your tiny hands, I anticipate the day when we can debate the essence of hero in Paradise Lost and I can share my tattered and annotated copy of The Great Gatsby with you.  When you wave your rattle with your left hand, I can’t help but notice and smile.  I think about all of the creative people I know who are left handed, and the wonderful art your Mama and Grandpa create, and hope one day you will share your latest picture, sculpture, or painting with me.  I see you beam when you hear a guitar and hope you will dare to be the rocker chick inside (and you don’t forget to invite your Aunt Mellie to all of your shows).  I don’t know where you will find your voice, but I picture so much inside of you.  One of the awesome things about you, that I can see already, is that you will be able blaze down any path your heart leads you to.

As you continue to amaze me and amaze yourself, remember – I will always have spearmint gum and I found an amazing bottle of lotion that smells of summer and beaches.  I will still teach you about returning to a store to get an overcharge, what is worth the price and what should be bargain shopped for, but I will also always be eager to find out more about who you are and how I can help you in your journey.  I realized after meeting you, yes there are certain auntly duties I have been charged with, but my most important duties have nothing to do with retail.


Aunt Mellie

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Words of Wisdom : On Being and Aunt

  1. Well done.

    Babies are a great opportunity to recommit to being the best humans we can possibly be. That little bolongna loaf in your arms is ten pounds of unlimited potential. Almost a supernova of possibility — both her and yourself.

    You’ll be the best Aunt in the history of Aunts, Mel.

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