Saying Yes Rocks

As I mentioned, probably a million times before, the BF is now my betrothed.  He proposed on December 22nd, early in the morning.  It was 7:30 on a morning after a low key night out, when his ringing cellphone woke me from a rather peaceful sleep.  After pulling myself out of bed, I found his phone under a card that told me he had a small Christmas gift for me, but I had to go on an adventure to find it.  Being as the BF gets Christmas confused all of the time (he wishes you a Merry Christmas everyday for a week until he gets it right) I guessed he had a gift for me that he was feeling self conscious about, but wanted to make it special, plus he knows I love a good mystery, and probably thought it was Christmas morning. 

The hunt led me to a full pot of coffee and a mug waiting to be poured, to my dog and her leash, and finally to the hillside where he first kissed me.  During the hunt, I kept reminding myself that he specifically said he would not propose during the holidays, and he was most likely waiting with a gift card, but I also thought what a great proposal idea this would be.

After bundling up, grabbing my coffee, and leashing my dog, I found him waiting. He pulled out a beautiful ring and proposed, to me.  Of course I said yes, and now were are planning an August wedding.  It is, of course, all very exciting, so we got to work making plans, booking the church, and reserving the perfect spot for a reception.  I can’t believe how many people are getting married in July, August, and September, it seemed as though we would never find something that was open and the right spot.  After a couple of days calling and visiting places, we finally locked in our date and locations.  We booked SqWires Annex for the reception, and the owner, Bethany Budde, couldn’t be more accommodating and knowledgeable, plus the Annex is such a unique room.  We walked in the room, and after a few minutes talking to Bethany, we knew right away that we would get the attention to detail and everything we wanted at SqWires. It seems like there is a sea of mechanical reception halls that can churn out multiple receptions in one night without breaking a sweat,  but we wanted something special, unique, and affordable.

I will add pictures to this post later this afternoon.  I hope everyone got what they needed and wanted over the holidays.  Congratulations to Courtney Watson, too.  Not only do we almost share a birthday, we almost shared a porposal date.

***Updated*** Pic of the ring!


13 thoughts on “Saying Yes Rocks

  1. Yea – I’ve been waiting for this! And my goodness girl, you don’t waste any time! The reception already booked – yahoo! Now: Dress shopping: The most fun you’ll ever have (for real!)
    Pic of the ring PLEASE.
    Also want to know: did he pick it out on his own, or did you pick it out together?

  2. congrats – sounds like a sweet story to tell the grandkids one day… you will be the bane of some young boy trying to live up to your granddaughters dreams of what granny and grandpa had together….

  3. Nice. I honestly do not remember Chris’s proposal. It was like one day I woke up next to a hot piece with a ring on my finger and a bulging belly. So apropos.

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