Gooble Gooble Goo Happy Turkey Day to You

turkeypup.jpgThis year, as I sit down to a feast surrounded by love, there are more than a few things for me to be thankful for.  My 2007 Turkey Day list includes: 

  • The BF: he is caring, supportive, and thinks I use the word “spawn” way too much.
  • My Pup: she is cute (even as a turkey), loyal, and oh so cuddly and warm.

  • My Niece: it isn’t everyday that a precious and perfect baby joins your family

  • My Friends: they are a fun, increadibly supportive, and interesting bunch that keeps life interesting

  • Law School: even the prospect of starting makes me giddy with excitement

  • Readers: your comments, challenges, and support has reawakened a love of writing in me that had lay dormant for far too long

  • I am most thankful for: the ability to be where I am today, and the ability to be content with where I am today, without therapy.

Then there are some things I would like to pass, just like the gravy boat:

  • Tattletales who don’t have the nerve to tell it to you before they tell on you

  • People who are nice only when it serves their own purpose, then blow you off when there is something better standing beside you

  • People who think that your friendship is something they are entitled too, and will always be there no matter how they interact with you

  • Customer service reps who can’t solve your problem but should be able to… isn’t that why I called in the first place

  • People who work with the public but obviously hate the public, resulting in service with a frown

  • The crazy hoops you have to jump through in order for insurance to pay for something that you are already technically paying for through premiums

What are you thankful for and what do you wish you could pass along?

3 thoughts on “Gooble Gooble Goo Happy Turkey Day to You

  1. 1. I am thankful for the invisible floaties (friends and family) that kept me above water this year.

    2. I’m also thankful for the challenges I had this past year because I’ve personally grown so much because of them.

    3. I’m thankful my cat finally is eating on his own and I do not have to feed him with a syringe. If only he would eat cat food, but at least he is still alive.

    4. Lastly I’m thankful for Shea. With family so far away it’s nice to love someone I can actually hug when they are sad and vica versa.

    Over the past year I have realized one very important thing and that is that being lonely in a crowded room finally makes sense. You can always find people to “party” with but it’s very hard to find people to spend time with. That is why I’m so thankful to finally have someone that fills the empty spot in my heart.

  2. You do use the word spawn a lot, but I think it’s a cover-up. You love the fact that you have a new niece and you can’t stop thinking about her. Instead of acting like a girly girl and go on and on about your adorable niece you call babies spawns so that you sound cool and collect but still talk about them. Just give in and admit that you think babies are cute and cuddly. By the way I love you! 🙂

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